Nature inspired

"A rich cultivation culture and seasonal offerings of Indian fruits and spices, made for a perfect environment to start Jaatre. From exploring phalsa and amrud farms of UP or cheeku farms of Belgaum,understanding the sowing to harvest cycle and spending time at these orchards has been priceless in our ice cream making."
Shilpi Bhargava, Pavan Jambagi
Co-founders & Creative Heads at Jaatre
We’re Shilpi and Pavan, the founders of Jaatre Ice Cream. Both passionate about doing. Jaatre is the coming together of our views on sustainability, creativity, nature, our collective experience on cultivation and art. Doing our bit on sustainability is our way of making a difference as we have no planet B.
The start of Carnatic Café in 2012 got us engaged in the nuances of ingredients and the interplay of flavors. Our agriculture travels brought us closer to nature’s bounty and a respect for it. Hence, Jaatre. 
Our ice creams are 0% artificial, 100% veg, 200% real. For us, environmentally sustainable is the only way of doing business at Jaatre and therefore the germination of the idea of up-cycling scraped coconut shells and developing high quality terracotta tubs.
We’ve grown together into mindful consumers and we hope to inspire others to try being too.


The secret of our scoop

 It is our daily endeavor to consciously churn best quality ice cream with minimal sugar for the flavors of the ingredients sing on their own. Our ice creams are 100% veg with a sensational luscious texture.

From classics to exotics

Our menu has something for every kind of ice cream connoisseur. From classics like Chocolate and Vanilla to fresh fruits that include Pink Guava, Jamun, Strawberry, Mango and more. We also have creative flavors; a love affair of two characters - Rose Strawberry, Palm Jaggery & Roasted Sesame, Raw Coconut Sugar and Roasted Almonds, Mascarpone and Cocoa, Black pepper Cardamom, Vanilla Blueberry & Chocolate Orange.

From earth to earth

We diligently try to follow the 4Rs – reduce-reuse-recycle-recover in our efforts towards caring for the environment. We’ve reduced our non-biodegradable waste and switched to biodegradable terracotta tubs for take-aways and delivery instead of paper or plastic tubs. We use up-cycled coconut shell bowls to serve our ice creams. Though we are miles away from being 100% eco-friendly, we are taking small steps by making environmentally conscious decisions. Through our decisions, we aim to inspire those who are here tomorrow.