Changing the World - One Scoop at a Time

We challenged ourselves to do things better.

Jaatre Ice Creams are a 100% natural and vegetarian. They are presented in biodegradable terracotta tubs and served in up-cycled coconut shell bowls.


Through Jaatre, we aim to inspire others. The materials we choose, and the decisions we make today, impact those who will be here tomorrow.


Quality usually comes at a price but at Jaatre we don't compromise to increase our profits. We ensure that ice creams are of the best quality possible. Customers pay for the ice-cream, not our overheads.


As the population grows, consumer consumption increases. The result, increased waste. We have resolved to contribute in solving the issue of waste by up-cycling coconut shells from the food industry and using highest quality terracotta tubs that are bio degradable and can be used many times over.


Our way of life

You reap what you sow.

We keep this simple farmer’s metaphor at the heart of Jaatre.

It’s important to have a compass to keep us guided in the right direction. To be mindful of even the minor details in tending our ice creams makes all the difference. Every decision is a conscious choice – whether it is the sourcing of our dairy produce, the ingredients, avant garde methods or our due diligence in avoiding plastic. That’s how we work at Jaatre.